Thursday, May 01, 2008

Operator: We'd Like A Wakeup Call At 7:05 PM!

[Editor's note: don't bother reading the following in you are already in a lousy mood.]

So much for Pat Gillick's vaunted team "intensity".

For the second time in three games most of your 2008 Philadelphia Phillies looked like they'd missed their wakeup call as they went down meekly to the San Diego Padres, 4-2. Only Chase Utley and Geoff Jenkins seemed ready to play. Maybe the Phils should watch tapes from the Flyers series versus Montreal if they want to learn something about intensity. Or maybe they should just return their paychecks for games missed.

Compounding their misery, the Phillies continue to butcher the baseball with their gloves and arms. Though only charged with two errors on the night, they really committed at least three, two (one official) by substitute shortstop less-than-extraordinaire Eric Bruntlett. A first inning throw in the dirt was generously scored a hit. Ryan Howard was unable to scoop the throw either though the official scorers hardly ever charge the first baseman with the error. Bruntlett has now started 20 games for the Phils and with the exception of one or two of them done little to impress. Bruntlett's poor showing coincided with the return to the local scene of Jimmy Rollins. Unfortunately, after testing his injured ankle Rollins announced he still feels pain when turning on it, pushing back his return to the lineup to who knows when. Why do we have the sinking feeling his ankle is going to be imaged again with a different result in the offing?

Jayson Werth, who looked terrible at the plate, also made an error when he dropped a fly ball. Of course the regular centerfielder, Shane Victorino, was still on the bench getting ready to pinch hit as Charlie Manuel continued to juggle [read: misuse] his lineup.

Local sportswriters and the manager also noted that while Ryan Howard went 0-3, he "hit the ball hard". Even in this era of stats inflation there isn't one for hard-hit least not yet.

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