Thursday, July 30, 2009

Call Central Casting. Get A Closer

Pardon me for raining on the parade many have scheduled but the Phils still have a big problem and they need to solve it now. They do not have a reliable closer.

No team is going to win two rounds in the playoffs let alone advance to the World Series without an outstanding closer and right now the Phils don't have one they can count on. Brad Lidge gave his best shell-shocked look two nights ago after serving up a two-run homer in the ninth inning to suddenly make a 4-1 lead a one-run game. Indeed, not since Albert Pujols nearly ruined his career for good in the NL playoffs a few years ago had Lidge looked more deflated.

Lidge clearly bounced back last year in his glorious first season with the Phillies but 2009 has been an altogether different and alarming story. We have variously heard he is hurt, had mechanical problems, needed more work, etc., but the bottom line is that Lidge has blown too many saves and made perilous adventures out of many more.

Now that they have acquired a fine starting pitcher without surrendering the proverbial or literal farm, they need to dig a little deeper into the remaining trading chips and find a closer who can...well...close. And don't talk to me about Brett Myers.

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