Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Returning To Earth

So much for Monday night's 22-1 rout in which the Phils capitalized on every opportunity presented. Last night, reality returned as the Phils jumped to a 3-0 lead only to squander numerous golden opportunities -- bases loaded and none out and a leadoff triple -- and lost late. The defeat raised once again the specter of an inconsistent and eminently beatable Brad Lidge, who took the loss. Those two saves versus the Norfolk Mets didn't really impress this observer.

J.A. Happ produced a quality start, surrendering three runs on two home runs by Brandon Philips. Other than the Reds' second baseman, Happ stymied Cincinnati and pitched well. Had his teammates produced one long fly ball to the outfield on two separate occasions, Happ would have departed with a lead.

Ah, well, that's baseball. Twenty-two seemlingly effortless runs one night and three runs bunched together the next.

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