Friday, July 17, 2009

Who's Washed Up?

I made a pre-season bet with a wine and beer enthusiast I know. The bet was this: Jamie Moyer doesn't win eight games this season. If I lost, he gets a six pack of his choosing. To tell the truth, I cannot recall what I would have won had Moyer failed to win eight games, but as all the world now knows it no longer matters.

Moyer just won't go away...fortunately...especially against the Florida Marlins. Much has been written about how he is particularly successful against free-swingers and the Marlins are nothing if not that, but you'd think they would have become more patient after so much futility against the Ancient One. Moyer is now 8-0 vs. Florida with a 1.38 ERA. Marlins' shortstop Hanley Ramirez thinks much of Moyer's latest success against them was due to the number of calls the lefthander was getting. Ah, yes, Hanley, but if he is getting those calls you have to adjust. It isn't as though he just started getting them. If Carlos Ruiz is setting up outside and Moyer is hitting the target the umps are going to give him that pitch all night.

Moyer now leads the staff with 9-6 record. Not bad for a guy this blogger called washed up. Shows what I know.

Moyer and the bullpen held the Marlins to a lone single last night in winning 4-0. With the victory the Phils topsy-turvy season against the Fish continues. Each team has dominated the other on the road. Don't stop now, guys.


Anonymous said...

You, and I, and many Philly loyalists wish we were "only" Jamie's age...why do you want to keep the old men down?

Tom Goodman said...

Hardly keeping him down. Read it again.

Anonymous said...
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