Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Short Tale of Two Pitchers

Two Phillies pitchers had a rough time of it last night but only one of them is likely to suffer the consequences.

Newly minted reliever Rodrigo Lopez probably pitched himself off the roster last night as the moribund Phils were thumped by an energized Colorado squad 8-3. Lopez was rocked hard as he worked the middle of the plate over and over again. Apart from tiring out those Rockies by having them run wild on the bases, he exhausted Shane Victorino, making his first start after injuring his knee, who had to chase a lot of balls hit over his head. Victorino seemed to come up limping after the last adventure.

Lopez had come on after starter Jamie Moyer hadn't fared any better, giving up plenty of hits and four walks, including one with the bases loaded, and looking every bit his age. He probably won't suffer the consequences because his manager is partial to veterans....but he should. Moyer is nearing the end of the line, his won-loss record notwithstanding.

In the process, the Phils dropped their fifth game in six outings, all against the two NL West clubs one of whom could very well be their first round playoff opponents unless the unthinkable happens in the NL East.

Meanwhile, Cliff Lee must still be wondering what happened to the vaunted Phillies offense he'd heard about. Hint: they left their bats in the Arizona desert.

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