Thursday, August 06, 2009

Six's A Crowd

Ruben Amaro confirmed what everyone has been saying the last week. J.A. Happ stays in the rotation...on merit.

The Phils GM also hinted a six-man rotation is under consideration. That would be a very bad idea, as anyone with common sense has also been saying. Ricky Bottalico put it best the other night, pointing out that pitching every sixth day would mean too long a wait between starts for everyone. It would be like playing five-handed scrabble. Who can concentrate that long betweeen turns? What kind of rhythm can a pitcher establish when he's handed the ball every sixth day? How many teams are using a six-man rotation in MLB? There's a reason.

The Phils signed Pedro Martinez but that doesn't mean they are obligated to make him a starter. Indeed, if his stamina is still a question, coming out of the pen might be just what the doctor ordered. They re-signed Jamie Moyer to a two-year contract -- some might say they felt forced to offer him that second year -- but that doesn't mean they have to hand him the ball regularly, especially as his struggles increase. One of them is going to start; the other isn't.

Right now Lee, Blanton, Hamels, and Happ are set. Ruben & Co. are going to have to pick one more. but they know that. If nothing else, Amaro has shown himself to be pretty shrewd.

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