Thursday, July 08, 2010

Last Night

They had to take at least two out of three from Atlanta and they didn't. Now the Phils are six games back and wondering aloud what happened to the team's moxie. It is difficult to repeat once let alone twice especially when the lineup keeps changing due to injuries.

Last night the old Jamie Moyer showed up, especially the one who holds the MLB record for home runs allowed.

Last night Dane Sardinha proved why he is the fourth string catcher. It took major league pitching coaches about four games to figure out how to handle him.

Last night Ryan Howard proved why he has been the Phillies' most consistent player this season except for Placido Polanco, the big difference being Howard never misses a game.

Last night proved again why Raul Ibanez deserves to sit and Ben Francisco deserves to play.

Last night showed us why Juan Castro is a career .229 "hitter".

It doesn't get any easier as the hot Cincinnati Reds arrive along with super snubbed Joey Votto. Think he's got something to prove to Charlie Manuel?

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