Friday, July 02, 2010

Not Magicians

Asked if the Phils could still contend after the latest round of disablements, Jimmy Rollins said absolutely. He then sauntered off to whistle past the graveyard.

It ain't gonna' happen, sports fans, and last night's loss to the lowly Bucs was just a taste of things to come.

Remember, not only are the starting 3rd and 2nd basemen out for long stretches, so is the starting catcher, and the key middle reliever. Throw in a tentative Rollins, still rounding into shape after two trips to the DL, the always exciting Brad Lidge, as likely to serve up a game losing home run as a strike out, a veteran third baseman [sic] who just cleared waivers and accepted reassignment to the minor leagues, a left fielder whose glove is the only thing slower than his bat, a right fielder who may or may not have his head in the game on any given night, a pitching staff whose current ace is a mere 47 years old and you have the makings of a third place team, which is where the Phillies currently find themselves.

Over the last two or three seasons the Phillies remained remarkably healthy. The law of averages caught up with them big time.

Before the season began most observers saw a potent offense that would compensate for a mediocre rotation. Even when most of the offense was healthy they were far from potent from late May on. Now they are a mere shadow of themselves and the pitching is still erratic. They get credit for hanging tough, but they aren't magicians.

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