Friday, July 16, 2010

Next Case!

Four hits. Another blown save.

When they get decent starting pitching, from Joe Blanton no less, the bullpen blows the game. Ryan Madson proved once again he isn't a closer. The Phillies no longer have a closer. Everyone who's tried out for the role has failed.

Before giving Blanton too much sympathy or credit let it be shown he also blew a couple of leads that were handed to him, something he has been guilty of nearly every time out. Indeed, a number of Phillies pitchers seem unable to hold leads.

The other story line of this game was strikeouts. The Phils went down on strikes 14 of 27 outs including eight looking. After the game a number of players complained about the strike zone but manager Charlie Manuel refused to join in or support them. "Swing," was his one word answer to what to do about all those strikeouts looking. He's right, of course. By mid game at least the players knew the strike zone was floating and expanded. Adjust! Swing! Whatever! This is an area in which these 2010 Phillies seem incapable of making the necessary adjustments and it cost them.

Of course, if the bullpen could actually hold or close a game it might help, but no team is going to win often when the hits total 4 and the K's total 14.

Next case!

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