Monday, March 28, 2011

Career-To-Date Or Final Summation?

You want something to fret over? Try this:

Today's Inquirer has several stories on Chase Utley's injury and status accompanied by, and this is the discouraging part, a few charts showing where Utley ranks historically among all Phillies categorical leaders, where he ranks among all significant Phillies second basemen, and where he ranks compared to National League leading second baseman last year.

In other words, the sort of charts one expects at the end of a career.

Luis Castillo isn't going to make those charts any more palatable any time soon.

Follow up:  The Inquirer ran a similar table on Jimmy Rollins the next day indicating one of two things:

1. The paper is doing this for all the veterans on the team, or;
2. The paper doesn't expect Rollins back after the season either.

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