Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Curse Or Prophecy?

No Hitters?  Well, not exactly, but SI is closer to the mark than they probably intended.

The Phils' "legion of arms" will probably dominate but their lack of bats will surely not.  Throw in, if you'll pardon the bad pun, the lack of an experienced closer and you have all the ingredients for an unpredictable season.  That hasn't stopped this observer from believing the lack of offense could spell doom.

Only big comebacks from Jimmy Rollins and Raul Ibanez, neither of them a sure thing by a long shot, and the emergence as an everyday player of Ben Francisco will help the Phils get over the top.  We might add Placido Polanco to the former list since he needs to remain healthy and come back from off-season surgery and a Spring Training twinge but there doesn't seem to be much point to adding Chase Utley, who isn't likely to contribute anything this season.

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Matty said...

I'm still holding my breath on the starting pitching staff. Anytime you have "on paper" the best of anything, it's a setup for a huge disappointment.

I think the offense will be there one way or another, but that's just my opinion.