Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fleet Rate

What is it this time, Brad?

Another day, another injury for Brad Lidge. The story gets old with Lidge. He's fine; he isn't fine. He feels good; he feels bad. He strikes out minor leaguers one day and announces he feels good; he gets taken to the cleaners by major leaguers the next day and, naturally, he feels bad.

Here is Lidge on the latest injury: "I'm a little concerned because I haven't had shoulder problems in the past. That being said, there's other things in there you can have that can be a by-product of just straining it and they're not serious. That's obviously what I'm counting on right now."

So, it could be "just straining" but given Lidge's history, the first words to come out in the media are "Disabled List", as in, he might begin the season on the shelf.

It's impossible to know just how big a hypochondriac Lidge is. All we know at this juncture of his career is that the Phils can no longer rely on him.

Lidge is scheduled for the inevitable MRI early next week. I'd like to own that concession when it comes to the Phillies.

On another injury note, Placido Polanco is still on the shelf after a few days of rumors he'd be in the lineup. Hey, here's an idea: why don't the Phils send Polanco with Lidge for a double MRI? They could ask for a fleet rate.

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Matty said...

If you look around the majors, players are injured, sore, or just plain out of service at a record pace. So I'm wondering if it isn't just the Phillies after all. Either way, their core players are coming up lame at an alarming rate. Makes the adage that they have to win now even more important.