Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Come Home, Boys, We Still Love 'Ya...For Now!

It's time to come home for these Phillies. A road trip that began with promise has deteriorated rapidly since the team flew across the country to do battle with the Diamondbacks and Giants.

No one is hitting, not even the $125 million man. No one is pitching, not even their savior Roy Halladay, though he started off very well. The bullpen is up and down. The bench is anemic. The only thing the Phils are doing right is fielding, but even being number one on ESPN's top ten plays of yesterday for that remarkable double play pulled off by Castro to Utley to Howard doesn't count in the standings.

As long as we are on that subject, the Phils fell into second place behind...the NY Mets. Don't look now, but the hottest teams in the NL East right now are NY and Washington. That should make Philadelphians who normally harbor deep anxiety about their place between the Big Apple and the Nation's Capital feel real good about themselves.

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Mr. Gillick said...

Better bring me back. Young Amaro doesn't know how to build a team. He's back to the Eddie Wade days of giving long-term contracts out that will handcuff the team down the line. He loves Eddie Wade.