Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pig-Headed About Pigskins

The Philadelphia Eagles and their media sycophants did their best to sabotage the Phillies' opener yesterday by announcing the Donovan McNabb trade on the eve of the baseball season.

No one can convince me the Eagles owner, GM and PR departments couldn't have made delaying the announcement 48 hours a condition of the deal. Instead, they went public when the Phillies should have basked in the spotlight all by their collective lonesomes. Comcast Sportsnet, which has failed to figure out the Phillies are this town's only consistent winners on the big stage, spent the first 39 minutes of an hour broadcast yesterday obsessing about a quarterback who is no longer here instead of leading with the Phils 11-1 triumph in Roy Halladay's and Placido Polanco's debuts.

This has always been a football town but over the last three seasons the Phils have at the very least pulled even in popularity with the Eagles due of course to having outperformed them. When Lurie and his minions parade down Broad Street they can act as if they own the town. Until then, a little decorum if not humility are in order. Comcast Sportsnet is under no obligation; they have neither.

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