Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rolling The Dice

The good news [sic] is Brad Lidge and Joe Blanton are returning. The bad news is Brad Lidge is returning. Now granted, the Phils could use a genuine closer and Lidge has been one every other year or so. Still, he didn't have what one might call stellar rehab stats. Perhaps the free-swinging youth of AA& AAA ball are always ready to go for broke whenever one of the big boys is in town and, yes, the radar guns in the minor leagues may not have quite the accuracy of their big league brethren, but you'll pardon me if I am not just a wee bit skeptical Lidge will be the ninth inning answer.

On the other hand (there's always another hand), what have the Phils got to lose? They can't keep sending Ryan Madson out there. Let's face it, the tall lanky one is a setup guy not a closer. So, they'll roll the dice that Lidge has something left in the tank. If they come up snake eyes, their prospects will have dimmed.

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