Saturday, April 24, 2010

He's Baaacccck

Yes, that Cole Hamels is back, the one who gives up home runs in bunches, who cannot hold a lead, who has never met a shutdown inning he likes, who takes a mini winning streak and stops it cold.

Hamels is a .500 pitcher. I've said it before and nothing since including his good outing last Sunday changes that perception. After all, that's what .500 means: one good outing followed by a stinker. The Phils took on a team with a losing record and Hamels did his best to correct that situation.

Nelson Figueroa gets the ball today. Under the circumstances, it's difficult to be sanguine about the pitching, but with 40% of the guys the Phils were counting on at the beginning of the season now on the DL, they are going to have to tough it out. It would be nice to think that a Kyle Drabek was waiting in the wings but he's long gone. Wouldn't it be great to know Cliff Lee would soon settle things down?

Oh, well. We still have Roy.


Matty said...

Hamels and Myers are from the same mold. It's all in their head. Cole needs to mature before he's a good pitcher. Then his talents will shine. Until then, he will just be a .500 pitcher.

Tom Goodman said...

Matty, he needs a third pitch.