Sunday, June 06, 2010


When it comes to death defying acts Jamie Moyer is peerless. I know, having written him off more times than I can count.

Moyer became the third pitcher in history to win 100 games after age 40, which in this case, started more than seven years ago. At an age when most players sit down with their financial planners and calculate their pension payments, Moyer is throwing complete game victories and lowering his ERA below four runs per. Hats off to you, Jamie, from a skeptic who has become a believer. Just bear in mind this isn't a reverse curse. Anything that happens from this point forward, anything, is OK with me. If you get rocked in the next ten starts that isn't going to change my mind that what you've accomplished is substantial and enduring.

Is Moyer a HOF calibre pitcher? Probably not, especially when you consider the guys like Bert Blyleven who still have been denied, but he surely is a HOF caliber survivor and just so happens to have won 264 big league games AND COUNTING!

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