Thursday, June 24, 2010

He's Baaaaacck

Case close.

Anyone who doubted how much the Phillies missed Jimmy Rollins can no longer be counted among the undecided.

In the top of the ninth Jimmy made a throwing error that led to a Cleveland run as the Indians took the lead. In the bottom of the ninth he relaunched a 96 mph fastball from Kerry Woods for the first walk-off homer of his career as the Phils prevailed 7-6.

Rollins avoided the flying leap and jump onto home plate to celebrate the shot, his two stints on the DL and the Angels' Kendry Morales no doubt fresh in his mind, but his grin, the one we've grown to love, was as wide as ever. For their part, his teammates showed no restraint, pounding him on the back and nearly ripping off his jersey. No one hugged him harder than his manger, with whom JRoll has always had great rapport despite the occasional breach. Indeed, the two have something very much in common: they love to talk. Jimmy will talk to anyone, sometimes getting himself in trouble with the media, while Charlie loves to talk to anyone as long as it isn't public speaking.

The Phillies began the night looking poorly with the other half of Kyle Kendrick, the one who leaves everything up, taking the hill. Kendrick lasted four innings surrendering two 2-run shots in the process and handing the lead back to Cleveland a half inning after his mates had finally overcome his ineptitude to go ahead for the first time all evening. The Phils kept clawing back however, capped by Jimmy's heroics.

* * * * * * * *

Condolences to anyone holding a ticket for today's Business person's Special. Should be nice a toasty at the Bank. The only give-aways anyone could use would be a beach umbrella and a gallon of water.

* * * * * * * *

My once beloved Orioles, misused and abused by their current ownership, have fallen on such hard times that only 13,000 plus showed up last night at Camden Yards to see the O's drop another game, this one to the Florida Marlins. The loss dropped their record to a major league worst. The poor attendance (who knows how many people were really there on a blistering hot night) proves two things: 1. people don't go out to watch chronic losers play, and; 2. interleague play's novelty wore off long ago.

Ironically, the Marlins probably thought the turnout was great compared to the 13 people, 100 ushers, two dogs, a cat and 10 vuvuzeulas present at every game in Miami.

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