Thursday, June 17, 2010

Never A Dull Moment With 47 Year Olds

Damn it, Jamie, will you cut that out!

Every time I and half of civilization write off Jamie Moyer he comes back and throws eight innings of two run ball against the defending world champions. C'mon, Jamie, how many times are you gonna' yank us doubters around?

On this particular occasion the Phils' bats woke up long enough to stake Moyer to a big lead and it's a good thing they woke up at all because after their six run outburst in the earlier innings the offense went back into hiding and held on for the win.

Brad Lidge, true to form, made the ninth inning far more interesting than it had to be. My wife says whenever I use the word "interesting" I usually have something pejorative in mind and that surely is the case whenever Lidge takes the ball. He entered the ninth with a 6-2 lead, a non-save situation, and proceeded to give up a run and a few more hits forcing him to face the tying run at the plate before inducing the final out. Lidge reminds me of Fullpack Stanhouse. He was an Orioles' reliever in the 70's and '80's who used to pull the same kind of high wire stunts that Lidge seems prone to, forcing his manager, Earl Weaver, to keep ducking into the runway for a smoke. Seems Stanhouse forced this move on Weaver so much he'd finish a full pack of cigarettes during each appearance.

The win last night was one of the few times in the last five or six weeks when the offense, defense and pitching more or less showed up at the same time. As has been the pattern in these all too infrequent gatherings, it remains to be seen if they can agree to meet again the next day.

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