Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Couldn't Watch

I didn't watch. Truth be told, I couldn't watch. I could not bring myself to stare at the screen and watch the Phillies flail away with so little consequence. I couldn't bring myself to listen to Tom McCarthy do his Pollyanna routine one more time. I've had enough of Ricky Bo telling it like it is and then picking the Manager as his player of the game. Save me from Sarge.

Swept two out of three series...and against division rivals. Punchless. Lifeless. This should be good for a few clucks of the tongues on Baseball Tonight not to mention more than one "Who'd a thunk its?"!

The Phils will take one of the most silent charter flights out of Atlanta in airline history. Let's hope no one sits at the back of the plane and plays a harmonica.

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