Sunday, October 10, 2010

It Isn't Nice To Shake Off Carlos

I thought I would wait a few days for all of the "better lucky than good" comments to air before plunging in.

Game Two was a sloppy affair but who will care a week or month from now? Only the Reds, especially if Cole Hamels closes them out in Game Three this evening.

The outstanding moment of Game Two? There were many, all involving the same two players, Roy Oswalt and Carlos Ruiz. Oswalt didn't have it right out of the chute and the blame rests squarely on him for committing the cardinal sin of men in red pinstripes, namely, he shook off his catcher far too much. Heretofore, Oswalt allowed Ruiz to do his job, which is to call the game. Friday night, however, Oswalt believed he had a better idea, early and often, and in the end, he didn't!!

Despite his mediocre outing, the Phils managed to win because the Reds made more mistakes and the Phils capitalized on nearly every one of them. Cue the cliche: that's what great teams do.

History suggests the Reds will win tonight, but Cole Hamels has been rewriting his own history lately and that may not be his take on the proceedings.

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