Thursday, October 07, 2010


Take all of the success over 13 seasons. Mix in a perfect game. Add in substantial wealth. Throw in the high regard of teammates and opponents. Add 21 wins in his first season in the National League. So, what could possibly be missing here? A veteran hurler who before last night had never pitched beyond the regular season.

That was the picture of Roy Halladay before last night. Now, add in the first no-hitter in the post-season since Don Larsen's perfect game half a century ago. The image is nearly complete.

Here is the final brush stroke. After his magnificent performance, after he was embraced by his catcher Carlos Ruiz and mobbed by teammates, microphones were thrust into Halladay's face from every point on the compass. And what was the first word out of his mouth? "WE wanted to be aggressive."

The portrait is complete. Halladay's first impulse is to talk about his teammates, specifically Ruiz. The guy is covered in personal glory and adulation and still sees himself as one of 25 guys trying to make it all the way to the top...together!

That's the kind of guy the hard-bitten Philadelphia fans of legend embrace as one of their own. Indeed, that's the kind of guy fans everywhere want to call one of their own.

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