Monday, October 18, 2010

Serving Notice

Break up Roy Oswalt!

The taciturn Mississippian pitched, hit and ran his way to a 6-1 victory over San Francisco last night, evening the NLCS at a game apiece.

Sharing the spotlight with Oswalt was Jimmy Rollins, mired in a terrible slump and looking like a player in steep decline, who cleared the bases with a double to provide the Phils with plenty of padding for the victory.

The game also marked notice served on the upstart Giants that the Phils are the defending NL champs. All week plenty of people have noted how well the Giants' staff matches up with or exceeds the Phils' rotation. Jonathan Sanchez, who blows his nose on the mound without benefit of a handkerchief more than any pitcher in ML history, was supposed to give the Giants their greatest edge in his match up. He was hardly dominating. The night before, Tim Lincecum didn't out pitch Roy Halladay; he just got better defense and support.

The series moves to SF tomorrow where Cole Hamels can accomplish two things: continue his amazing streak of pitching lights out and serve final notice on the Giants that the Phillies are not going to let go of their title so easily.

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