Friday, October 01, 2010

Not Ready To Party Just Yet

While nearly everyone in Philadelphia has made reservations for a parade, this observer, a charter member of the Glass Half Empty Society, Eastern Division, isn't quite ready to set up a lawn chair at Broad and Lombard.  The Phils have three great starters.  They have a potent offense.  They have one of the better set up guys.  Their closer looks rejuvenated.  That said, the Giants have a formidable starting trio themselves.  They have a very good bullpen.  Their hitting may not be as robust but they can hit a lot better than they could a few months ago with the emergence of Buster Posey and the phenomenal rejuvenation of Pat Burrell. Still, on paper the Phils look like the better team.  The half empty portion if you will is that the Phillies offense can go into hiding suddenly and for prolonged periods of time.  If that happens at the wrong time, they are in trouble.  If not, they should make a third straight appearance in the Series.

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