Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doc & Polly

The doctor, fortunately, is always in.

Roy Halladay is, as Mike Schmidt correctly observed recently, not the intimidating presence of a Bob Gibson or Nolan Ryan. No, he's just your ordinary, garden-variety superb pitcher who begins with a plan, works quickly to implement it, commands his pitches and knows himself.

All of that adds up to a status as the ace of aces on the Phillies staff, indeed in the game itself. As Paul Hagen pointed out in his piece this AM, Halladay takes the ball and gives his team the feeling they will win every start he makes. It is difficult to find many pitchers in baseball, past or present, who afford their mates such comfort.

* * * * * * *

Had lunch with good friend Jason Weitzel yesterday and I opined that Placido Polanco is one of the true professionals to come along in a long time. It was difficult to see him leave several years ago when Chase Utley was coming into his own; it was a pleasure to see him return. Polanco gives the Phillies an excellent glove (ask Roy Halladay about his third baseman's performance just last night)and a contact hitter who never gives away an at bat. He always is in the game, aware of the situations defensively and offensively.

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