Friday, April 15, 2011

Efficiency Expert

There is something soothing about Cliff Lee. He works quickly and efficiently. He shows little emotion other than to sprint on and off the field in a manner uncharacteristic of the fraternity of hurlers, who prefer to stroll.

Lee doesn't fret publicly. When he was rocked in Atlanta last week, he neither offered nor made any excuses. Rumors about possible injuries or arm slot issues received as much confirmation from Lee as they would from Chase Utley; maybe even less!

In last night's start Lee took the ball, threw it back to his catcher quickly, struck out twelve Nats, and hurled a three-hit, complete-game shutout.



Chris in Alexandria VA said...

And advanced two runners on an error'd swing

From This Seat.Com said...

Oswalt, Halladay and Lee all have a similair demeanor. That type of humility and preparation is why they are the best, hands down.