Saturday, April 16, 2011

Exception To The Rule

You could see this one coming from miles away.

Roy Oswalt was cruising through five innings, nursing a no-hitter. Meanwhile, the Phils had scored two runs against Javier Vasquez and hit a number of long, hard outs. History tells us a two run lead against the Marlins is never enough. History has a way of repeating itself.

Sure enough, Logan Morrison smoked a long home run to right center field in the bottom of the fifth and the Marlins were on the way back. Oswalt would leave the game an inning later with a back strain following a bunt attempt. If you have a history of back troubles, you can throw it out at any time, doing anything. Reaching down for the soap in the shower is all it takes. Oswalt went to the Disabled List in 2009 with back problems. His preliminary prognosis was hopeful. This, he said after the game, was a mid-back rather than the lower back strain that sidelined him before. Let's hope he is the second Doc on the staff.

Meanwhile, back at the game we saw coming from miles away, the bullpen failed to hold the young Fish in check as they came back for a 4-3 victory. J.C. Romero did nothing to quiet skeptics and Denys Baez did even less. Of course in Baez' case, there are no skeptics any longer. Anyone who has ever watched baseball knows this guy has been cooked for more than a year now. His continued presence on a major league roster is testament to the stubbornness of baseball insiders who think a guy who throws hard is always capable of getting outs. I'm here to tell you Baez is one of many exceptions to that rule!


Matty said...

When Manuel brought Baez in, I literally sat there and told my wife the game is over. Then when Dobbs came to the plate as a pinch hitter, I was hoping Manuel would bring Bastardo in, thus forcing the Marlins to pull him for a righty. History tells you that former Phillies have a point to prove for letting them go. I was yelling at Manuel, make the move...don't let Dobbs hit here. The rest is history and I rest my case. A perfect example of the manager winning or losing a game because of his decisions.

From This Seat.Com said...

I really like this Logan Morrison, young, powerful. Hopefully the Marlins can get it together with their new stadium before time for another fire sale.