Monday, April 11, 2011


I was out-of-town last weekend and missed seeing any of the Phillies-Braves series live. Instead, I depended on the usual second-hand sources (ESPN, local newspapers) for reports. On balance the Phils enjoyed a good weekend in Dixie, taking two of three from the Braves including an encouraging rebound by Cole Hamels, who bested Derek Lowe on Sunday.

Cliff Lee appears to have had a rocky start that still might have been salvaged had Shane Victorino caught Chipper Jones deep fly ball that knocked in three runs. Reports in various sources suggested the ball was catchable.

Still, if the Phils can go on the road and play .667 ball, they're going to be fine. Thus far this early season the offense has been more than a pleasant surprise while the pitching has varied between expected pleasure and rough patches.

Next up is Washington and old friend Jayson Werth, who is struggling along exactly even with the Mendoza line as of this posting. All those millions might be salve enough for Werth as he longs for even some of the pitching his former team throws out there on a nightly basis...but I'd be willing to bet the losing will get to him.

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