Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ace Among Aces

Among the aces on this staff, Cole Hamels is second to no one. Hamels threw a complete game five hitter against Washington last night to improve to 4-1. Subtract his awful early-season meltdown against the Mets and Hamels has been superb in 2011. After the game, CSN commentator and former Phils' catcher Chris Coste said one of the chief differences between the current and former Hamels is his ability to command the breaking down down and away and down and in.

Hamels also contributed two hits on the night including a triple over Jayson Werth's head. Werth never could go back to the wall to his right. The ball looked catchable on replays but not with Werth on the case. Hamels then scored the first run of the evening on a rbi single by Jimmy Rollins, back in his familiar leadoff spot for the first time this season.

The Phils improved to 19-9 with the win.


Adam said...

Second to no one? DOC begs to differ...

But all those "Hamels isn't an ace" people need to check themselves.

Tom Goodman said...

With the exception of that one bad game, Hamels has looked sharper overall than far. I don't mind having a debate about who is better between two superb pitchers. Wouldn't you agree?