Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Again

I go to Spain for eleven days and upon my return learn that Wilson Valdez won as many games as anyone on the staff except for Cliff Lee. I had a chance to catch the video replay of Valdez' performance and I must say what I enjoyed the most was watching him shake off a sign in the 19th inning of the game. THAT, sports fans, was either Chutzpah of the first water or showmanship of an even higher degree. I'll bet the pitchers watching in the dugout got a huge laugh out of that one.

I had to review the box scores from the games against St. Louis, Colorado, Texas and Cincinnati to learn what happened in those contests. Clearly, their first head-to-heads with the Cardinals did not go well.

Of course the biggest news other than Valdez' debut on the mound was the return of Chase Utley. I haven' seen him play yet so I haven't much sense of how "back" he is, but there's no doubt he continues to defy the experts when it comes to his healing powers and his presence in the lineup is always a boost to his teammates.

More to come once I catch up on some sleep. The trip over is always a much easier adjustment than the trip back.

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