Sunday, May 15, 2011

Who's Next?

The baseball gods must be very displeased with the Phillies. How else to explain the rash of injuries to key players?

The latest to go down was Shane Victorino, who suffered a hamstring injury yesterday and will probably miss a few games at the very least. I'd say the Phils can ill-afford the loss of any more starters, but especially in the outfield where they are perilously thin already and where the obvious replacement, Domonic Brown, was himself just removed from the injury list only to suffer another setback.

As a senior citizen with his share of non-sports induced aches and pains, I can well appreciate how debilitating a heel spur or bulging disc can be. What I've always had trouble coming to grips with is how professional athletes can suffer hamstring pulls when they are supposedly so well conditioned. I guess like any muscle ailment, sudden or exaggerated use can trigger a response.

Victorino has been one of the few Phillies to hit more or less consistently. His absence for even one game is going to hurt everyone.

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