Monday, May 02, 2011

Brother, Can You Spare A Hit?

Out like a like a lamb.

That, in a nutshell, is the storyline this season for your Philadelphia Phillies.

April was the most successful month in franchise history. May is starting out on a different note. After romping 10-3 over the Mets Friday night, April 29, the Phils managed only two runs in nine innings Saturday night, April 30, and one measly run in fourteen innings Sunday night in dropping the finale of the three-game set on May 1. The Phils collected all of seven hits for their effort in last night's futility fest.

Cliff Lee again struggled early but eventually righted himself. If he holds the opposition to a lone run in seven innings every time out he should expect to win, unless, of course, the offense fails to show up that night.

Raul Ibanez led the futility parade, failing to hit for the 34th straight at bat including leaving the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth after the Phils had tied the game. You could see Ibanez struggle in the at bat, swinging late or awkwardly. He finally grounded out to kill the threat. Charlie Manuel is notorious for sticking by his veterans but his loyalty to Ibanez goes far beyond anything reasonable. Ibanez is cooked. Unless he is injured or otherwise unavailable, Ross Gload should have batted in Ibanez' place last night. Charlie blew that one.

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