Saturday, July 14, 2012

Found: One Nadir

Who would have thought the bottom was a mile high?

The Phils dropped the second half opener to woeful Colorado last night, 6-2.  Cliff Lee, counted on heavily to rebound from a disappointing (to say the least!) first half, gave up two earned runs and was again the victim of poor support in the field and at the plate.  He was also the victim of his own lack of command, leaving too many pitches over the plate while giving up nine hits in his six innings of work.

The Phils were facing a rookie hurler Christian Friedrich, who hadn't won a game in more than a month and whose ERA was over 6 runs per game so it figures he would shut them down.

They also lost because another rookie called up that day from the minors had two hits and knocked in two runs.  Apparently he arrived with so little notice he had to borrow equipment from his new mates.  He was rewarded with the Phillies' usual generosity to unknowns.

It might be presumptuous in this season of discontent to label one game the nadir, but I am going out on a limb and pronouncing last night's game my candidate.