Monday, July 16, 2012

Not Helping Matters

Cole Hamels didn't do anything yesterday to relieve anxious minds around these parts.  Pitching in a notorious launching pad in broad daylight and struggling in the first few innings to find a rhythm, Hamels pitched his mates to their first series win since the last time the Phils played the hapless Rockies.

In winning his eleventh game in front of a host of big-time major league scouts, Hamels looked as calm and collected as his fans stirred nervously in their seats and couches.  There are dozens of reports out there having Hamels going to both coasts and every stop in  between.  Texas is a leading contender but the Dodgers and Red Sox are seen as possible suitors, too.

One argument that doesn't hold water is being made by potential new teams that will not trade highly regarded prospects for a rental.  Horse feathers!  If that rental produces a World Series title, the GM's in question would trade their own children.

No one, probably not even Cole himself, knows how this is finally going to play out.  Were the Phils to offer him a huge salary he might just say that's good enough, I'm staying.  Or not.

Meanwhile the Phils are getting back Roy Halladay this Tuesday.  When Doc takes the mound, he is likely to have Chase Utley and Ryan Howard behind him.  The Phillies would then look more or less like everyone dreamed of months ago.  The reality of their collective presence might be something else, however.