Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking Ahead

The second half of the season gets underway this evening and I'm as unhappy with the first half as the rest of you.

That said, it's been a great ride these last five years.  Those of us who've been around a while can remember much bumpier rides throughout most of the '80's, '90's and early part of this century.  Youngsters are stuck with the mistaken belief winning is the norm.  Well, here's some news for them:  not in a franchise that only a few years ago set the all-time mark for most losses, surpassing 10,000.

The biggest question around these parts is what to do next.  Fire sale?  Piecemeal dismantling?  Stay the course?

One key to a possible answer lies in an ESPN story this AM in which they list the top 50 MLB prospects.  Nary a Phillie among them.  Another key is a quick glance at the NL East standings.  Washington built their team with top draft picks, shrewd trades and a homegrown development of a few key players.

There's no shame is starting over.  Yes, "starting over"!  The core of the Philllies' championship teams is either largely a shadow of its former self or about to depart via free agency.  Stockpile those compensation picks (which will be fewer under the CBA), acquire top prospects, draft wisely and rebuild.

The Phils did it before.  Howard, Utley, Hamels and Chooch were home grown.  It's time to begin the process again.  There's no shame or recrimination in that.