Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time Off

To my fifteen or so faithful readers:

I will be posting erratically from this point on due to a sudden overwhelming feeling of disgust at $130 million contracts.  It isn't just baseball that is out of whack.  The Flyers signed an offer sheet for something on the order of $100 for a defenseman this week.

There's not much point in railing against these obscene contracts.  They are more and more common in all sports these days.  Folks of lesser means such as most of us wonder how these owners can do it.  I mean, is it even fiscally possible one wonders??  As long as the turnstiles turn and the remotes tune in and the networks pay up and the municipalities cave in to extortion and the merchandising makes average citizens crave someone else's name on their backs I have to assume the answer is yes.

Have you noticed (how could you not!?) how even a double during the middle of a routine game invokes a commercial from an insurance company?  Every pitch comes with...well...a pitch.  A cold hard fact.  Safe and secure.  Keys to the game. 

None of this is new, of course; only the names and scale have changed.

It's just so boring and out of proportion.