Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Is There A Doc In The House?

The short answer is an emphatic NO!.

I guess I reversed cursed the Doc a few days ago.  Just when Rich Dubee thought he could sit back and relax because the media he seems to hold in perpetual contempt was no longer questioning whether or not Roy Halladay was done, Cleveland showed up on the schedule.

Now, mind you, coming on the heels of their sweep of the Mets, the Phils probably looked at these two games in Cleveland as a chance to pad their stats and get back to sea level for the season.  Instead, they were torpedoed right out of the slip and went down to an ignominious and ominous defeat.  Halladay was savaged by  a lineup filled with players who hadn't known him in his earlier days as an American Leaguer.

Welcome back, Doc.

Naturally, the Phils' bats were also largely silent, as it their habit when not facing the Mets.  And just as naturally, the bullpen poured gasoline on the fire lighted by Doc.

The Phils are a mess and no three-game sets in Queens are going to set them straight.  Halladay really does appear to be cooked.  Cliff Lee hasn't been so dominating of late.  Cole Hamels finally won a game on the last weekend of April.  Kyle Kendricks has been the lone positive spot in the rotation.  The fifth spot is being handled by a rookie who wasn't even that highly touted by the Phils' own alleged brain trust.

...and Delmon Young is the starting rightfielder as soon as the team leaves the AL and the DH.

Tickets anyone?

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