Monday, May 06, 2013

May Day


In no particular batting order, those are the averages of the Phillies's regular lineup.

Add in the horrendous middle relief and dreadful starting pitching from some but not all the big names and you have a team spiraling out of control.

And it could get worse.

Oh, sure, it's difficult to imagine anything worse than giving up twenty runs to the Indians in two games and seventeen to the Marlins in three (at home, no less) while watching the team's batting average plummet, but wait.  The Phils open a three-game set in San Francisco tonight where they will face some serious starting pitching.

It's been just a little curious to learn Doc Halladay is suffering from various injuries only after he has some bad outings, but, then, the Phillies have never been considered forthcoming about injuries.  Who are they hiding the truth from?  The Marlins figured it out in the very first inning.  By the third inning Doc's ERA had exploded and he was headed for the showers and possibly the Disabled List.

Between denials by Cliff Lee he was doctoring the ball, brouhaha's about Mitch Williams' relationship to the Phils in general and Rich Dubee in particular, Doc's mysterious ailments, Cole Hamels' lack of support (and proclivity to serve up home runs) you have a miserable situation growing more dismal by the day.

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