Thursday, May 02, 2013

Two Mistakes By The Lake

Anyone believing the addition of Carlos Ruiz would restore the Phils to respectability must have been hoping Chooch took his enforced holiday as a golden opportunity to develop a cutter.

If nothing else, he probably has more on the ball when he returns it to the pitchers than when he first receives it.

The Phils didn't just limp out of Cleveland, they tucked their tails and sneaked out under cover of darkness.  Everyone boarding that charter wore sun glasses to cover his swollen eyes and bruised egos.  The last place Indians smoked the Phils, no destroyed them!  Twenty runs in two games while the Phils "bats" "erupted" for two runs, all in game one.

Cliff Lee returned to the site of his glory and stunk up the joint.  Fortunately, not many fans go to Cleveland games any longer.  Lee joins Roy Halladay as an official sore spot in the rotation.  Cole Hamels also has a spot reserved, a single win over the lowly Mets hardly enough to remove him from the ICU.

The Phillies have faced a lot of newcomers this season and must surely be tempted to resort to that old excuse that the first time a team faces a newcomer the pitcher has the advantage.  There must be lots of budding Cy Youngs out there, at least according to the Phils.

The Phillies have been historically slow starters, but with this walloping in Cleveland, including the first of May, it's safe to assume their pace isn't going to pick up any time soon.

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