Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time In...Again

The mood struck me.

Last night's hero, John Mayberry, is one of my annual crusades and now I am armed with a great example:  Domonic Brown.

Brown, a former phenom, has been a disappointment for most of his brief big league career because he hasn't lived up to expectations...nor been healthy.  As a consequence, he was yanked in and out of the lineup, sent down to AAA for more seasoning, and generally saw his confidence undermined at every turn.

This season he won a starting job due to a very good Spring and a terrible off-season by his GM, Ruben Amaro.  Failing to really address their outfield needs, Amaro handed Brown a starting job by default via his manager, Charlie Manual.

So, Brown started the season knowing he had a job and he has kept his job knowing the Phils had no one to replace him.  The results have been a fairly good start for Brown, who is showing power, batting a decent albeit middling .257, and not butchering everything hit his way.  In short, he is confident and collar will not get him the hook.

Which brings me to Mayberry.  If John Mayberry knew he were going to start every night he would produce the same results, that is, decent hitting, good power and a very good glove.  But Mayberry has never been able to take the field without looking over his shoulder.

Confidence is everything in sport...indeed in life.  Mayberry hasn't had much because the Phillies have always undermined it.  Give him the job, Charlie, and sit back and see what he can do for a stretch.

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