Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Draftees, Old And New

Check your expectations at the refrigerator door.

That’s the best approach to take this evening when you sit down in your easy chair to watch Cole Hamels make his third major league start and his first since coming off the disabled list.

If, however, you believe the fragile left-hander is finally healthy and ready to take the ball every fifth day from now until the first few days of October, congratulations, you are an eternal optimist.

Me? I’m taking his recovery on a scheduled start-by-scheduled start basis.

* * * * * * * * *

Within minutes of his selection, a lot of people weighed in regarding the character of Kyle Drabek, the Texas high school right hander the Phillies took with their first pick in the 18th round of the baseball draft. And where are they getting most if not all of their information? From sites like ESPN, where capsule scouting reports and draft predictions abound.

Spare me the third-hand “insights” and rehashes, people, and especially the cheap psychoanalysis. We don’t know enough about him.

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