Thursday, June 22, 2006

Not All Phillies All The Time

What else can we talk about except the Phillies?

What’s with this taking off of shirts at the end of soccer matches? Are we supposed to be impressed by how lean these guys are or is something else going on? Is this some long-standing soccer tradition or did it start with Brandi Chastain? As far as the 2006 American men were concerned, if they were in such a big hurry to remove their shirts at the end of the game, the least they should have been planning to do was cover their faces with them.

* * * * * * * *

Ozzie Guillen is fast wearing out his welcome in Chicago. The best line I’ve read on Ozzie’s latest rant, his homophobic attack on a local columnist, came from ESPN’s Mark Kreider, who wrote:

It is the story of a man who became so lionized for speaking his mind that he forgot the part about having one.

At the end of the day Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams, and that portion of Chicago which roots in the southern section of the city will have to face the fact that the guy who brought them out of the wilderness is merely a crass big mouth. While it is probably true Ozzie will never have to buy himself another drink in Chicago, it is likely he is going to need a very long reach whenever he bellies up to any bar because sooner than later his permanent, year-round residency will be in Venezuela.

* * * * * * * *

Arguably the biggest loser in the NBA finals the other night was Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban, a guy so full of himself he makes George Steinbrenner look like an absentee landlord.

Cuban is a self-made billionaire who thinks his riches entitle him to be one of the guys in:

  1. the locker room

  2. the boardroom

  3. the press box

  4. all of the above

When Jerry Stackhouse was suspended for the fifth game of the finals, Cuban donned the banished player’s uniform number in protest. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had to be talked out adding himself to the active roster.

* * * * * * * *

Did you notice a few ex-Flyers were on the winning Stanley Cup team? A lot of bloggers and commenters in the Philadelphia area certainly did. Many of these people were particularly thrilled for Rod Brind’Amour, a guy Bob Clarke gave up on several years ago.

Given Clarke’s history as a GM, look for him to try and reacquire Rod prior to next season.


RickSchuBlues said...

I wonder how Ozzie Guillen would play out in Philadelphia. I bet people would probably love him, since he's blunt and hyped-up, and has an enlightened worldview roughly comparable to the owner of Geno's.

Talk about a guy who needs to be humbled in the worst way.

Nat said...

Ozzie seems like a current day version of Billy Martin. He's a jerk but he wins, so he's tolerated. Expect his ultimate humbling to come at his own hand.

Oisín/Wizlah said...

Regarding the football - they've been swapping shirts for decades now (at least, the two that I've been watching football for). I think its so the losers can glory in the scent of victory and shed the nauseating stench of failure. desperately egalitarian.