Thursday, June 01, 2006

They're Outta Here

I absolutely hate it when the Phillies play on the West Coast. They might as well be a space craft on the dark side of the moon. All communication with them ceases until 10PM EDT, or about the same time I am crawling into bed. Who can stay up that late only to watch J-Roll swing at the first pitch and pop up? Of course my morning paper won’t carry the story either; instead, there will be a little box advising me that last night’s game ended too late for this edition of the newspaper but I can find a complete recap by going to the newspaper’s web site.

No Harry. No Wheels (well, maybe there are some pluses).

They might as well be playing in Indonesia.

Will someone out there send me an email when they get back?

* * * * * * * * *

What the heck is up with Roger Clemens anyway? Why has this guy toyed with four teams specifically and baseball in general? Does a 43-year old guy need that much time off to recuperate? He couldn't start the season in April with some team if he wanted to pitch that badly? Julio Franco did it!!

Does Clemens really need to be seen as some sort of white knight riding into town at this late stage to put the [pick one] Astros, Red Sox, Yankees or Rangers over the top?

He retired. He unretired. Then he retired again and unretired again. ESPN has him retiring/unretiring three times but I count only two since this latest one was hedged from the get-go. Heck, there are prize fighters who haven't retired/unretired at the rate he does.

Frankly, I hope he stubs his big toe and goes on the DL. It's all so damn unseemly. Roger to the rescue. Hooey. [Tells you something about the lack of pitching these days, though, doesn’t it?. I wonder if Steve Carlton is still a conditioning freak?]


Tom Goodman said...

I inadvertently deleted the original post here and with it the comments. Apologies to those of you (Nat and RSB) who were communicating with each other in that space.

Tom Goodman said...

Adding insult to injury, Clemens isn't going to report to the Astros until next month. He needs even more time to get ready?