Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Too Little, Too Late

Cooler heads may have finally prevailed, but probably not the ones that count in the end.

Phillies pitcher Brett Myers, arrested and released in Boston last week for assaulting his wife, has taken a leave of absence from the team through the All-Star break. The decision came amidst mounting criticism of the entire Phillies organization, which allowed Myers to make his regularly scheduled start the next day and defended the decision by callously announcing he was the team’s best pitcher.

In releasing his statement today Myers disputed “the facts as they are alleged” while recognizing his “behavior was inappropriate” and “embarrassing” to his wife among others. He also apologized to the organization, his teammates and fans.

Meanwhile, eye witness accounts of the assault continue to get air time, especially in Philadelphia. They are chilling to say the least, offering new details about Myers’ rage. Apart from whatever legal proceedings await him, Myers will no doubt be strongly advised to seek counseling. I have few illusions that a man of such volcanic temperament will benefit much if at all from therapy.

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