Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go Figure

What an absolutely maddening team.

Two days after being swept at home by the Houston Astros, the Phillies took their second straight game from NL West leader San Diego at PETCO Park. What's more, they won yesterday while only managing three hits, two by Shane Victorino.

So, the Phillies continue to slump badly at the bat but have taken two of the first three games on their Western road swing. As in game one, they got excellent starting pitching and efficient relief pitching without any late inning meltdowns.

Chase Utley and Ryan Howard continue to produce virtually nothing. Utley's slump following his long layoff is really something of a continuation from his decline prior to the thumb injury. He still looks uncomfortable at the plate. Howard, who was batting for average if not power prior to his injury, looks as lost at the plate these days as he ever has.

Outstanding starting pitching is clearly holding the fort. Without looking at the hard offensive numbers, it's clear the Phils' runs per game average is way down. It isn't the way anyone expected this team to play, but, then, they have confounded us since the season got underway.

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