Thursday, August 26, 2010

Matching Losses Step For Step

Another night, another pick off. The new symbol of the Phils' futility.

I get tired of writing about the lack of hitting, especially of the clutch variety. And I get disgusted at the number of pick offs of any variety.

The Phils have dropped three straight to the heretofore lowly Houston Astros, who came in here and out pitched, out hit and out lasted the locals.

There isn't much more to analyze. Oh, sure, we could talk about all kinds of decisions made nor not made, but when the Phillies aren't hitting nothing else, especially good pitching, is going to matter. You can't win when you can't score. Doesn't take much insight to arrive at that conclusion.

The only good news is the Braves have dropped three straight to Colorado including an epic collapse yesterday when leading by a ton of runs. All that got the Phils was a chance to stand still rather than fall further behind.

Sooner or later, one of these two teams is going to win again. The good news is that this afternoon, the Phils get the first chance to be that team. The bad news is they're putting the ball in Kyle Kendrick's hands.

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