Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trouble Brewing

Don Newcombe threw a...er...wait a minute....

Oh, that wasn't Don Newcombe last night? Hiroki Kuroda? OK, let's try that again.

Hiroki Kuroda threw no-hit ball for nearly eight innings last night before Shane Victorino spoiled his effort with the Phils' lone hit of the night as the Phightins wasted another good outing from a starting pitcher in losing to the Dodgers 3-0. Combined with Atlanta's win over the Mets, the loss dropped the Phils three games behind the Braves.

There's no use crying over lack of offense; they are what they are. But, hey, I even used my Beerleaguer mug two days in a row to no avail. I can take a weak offense, but when my magic talisman doesn't help I know the Phils are in deep trouble.

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