Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oswalt Talks

Roy Oswalt paid his first dividend as a Phillie last night and just in the nick of time. Many observers urged we forget the pasting of the night before and, sure enough, they were right! The Dodgers went from world beaters to egg beaters in 24 hours.

Oswalt was in command from the get go. After the game, the taciturn Mississippi native allowed that pitching in front of a sell out Phillies crowd, 21st century variety, beats pitching in front of a paltry Houston crowd. That's as loquacious as Roy is going to get. Come to think of it, guys named Roy aren't exactly going to replace Shane Victorino or Jimmy Rollins on the Phillies talk circuit, but who cares if they pitch well?

The victory wasn't without its latest injury. Ross Gload, who has filled in at first base admirably, came up limping on a double and had to leave the game. It doesn't matter what Charlie Manuel's initial report was ("doesn't look too serious") because when it comes to health matters, Charlie doesn't know best.

The rubber game comes tonight.

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