Saturday, August 21, 2010


Winning when you don't have your best stuff is considered the true measure of a great pitcher. Last night Roy Halladay was a great pitcher. Of course he's been a great pitcher most of this season and throughout his career, but last night's victory was one to savor because he worked out of several jams, yielded plenty of hits, balked and still departed after seven innings of shutout ball.

Good thing, too, because those Bravos are starting to pull off a lot of last at-bats wins and don't appear to be going away. They remind me of the Phillies of the last few seasons though without the same offensive fire power. The Braves have pitching, though, and enough hitting to support it.

Meanwhile, the Phils closest rivals for the Wild Card are going head-to-head in St. Louis. Let's hope they beat each other up.

The Phils finally face Stephen Strasburg tonight. One of the two known Kyle Kendricks will oppose him.

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