Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rowdy Cows

The morning routine in our house never varies. Alarm set for 6AM week days. Tuned to KYW. When we awaken my wife and I want to know what's the temperature; what exit ramp is blocked; who shot whom; and who won?

When we get out of bed we tune to NPR for, let us say, a little more depth and breadth, but for our first moments of consciousness we want the facts.

This AM we awakened to the news the Phillies had won their fourth straight NL East title. (We already knew this before retiring the night before but I'm trying to tell a good story here so why let a few details get in the way?)

The announcer further informed us Phillies' memorabilia would be available at the stadium store and that in anticipation of overwhelming demand they planned to open early this morning, at 7AM. Furthermore, the store "would be giving away free rally towels to each customer".

"Rowdy cows!?", my sleepy spouse asked. "Did she say 'rowdy cows'?"

"No, dear, that's 'rally towels'. R A L L Y     T O W E L S! Fans wave them to stoke a rally."


"OK," my wife continued. "So, who won first place for fourth place?"

That's her unique and, frankly, pretty good description of the Wild Card race.

"That still remains to be seen," I replied.

"Time to get up."

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